Redundant Level - Measurement solution for a Magnatic Level Indicator (MLI)

The BM26A-8000 Level Magnatic Indicator (MLI) is designed to provide a diverse redundant measurement in one device, with only one process connection

This solution features a KROHNE level transmitter (OPTIFLEX 7200/8200, OPTIWAVE 7400, BW25) installed in a bypass chamber connected adjacent to the MLI (Magnetic Level Indicator), whereas the BI-version uses a measuring chamber with two compartments, one for the OPTIFLEX 7200 transmitter probe and one for the float moving next to it. It is important to note that the MLI works without a power supply and its local indication remains visible and reliable in case of a power shut down. The optional LT40 reed-chain level transmitter as well as switches completes the redundancy of the overall assembly.

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Indicador de nivel magnético con transmisor de nivel para medición redundante de líquidos

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